Emergency Department Employees Discuss Opiate Epidemic

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Drugs in the work place, and how to keep your business safe.

The monthly Mid-Ohio Valley Safety Council meeting took place at the Shrine club Wednesday, focusing on our national drug problem.

Feature speakers from Marietta Memorial's emergency department talked about how the heroin epidemic can affect the workplace right here in Washington County.

"The supply is out there, it's hard to target where it's coming from. And then there are new drugs that are coming out that are combinations of old drugs. It's a scary thing because the patients seem to come in a bit sicker than they used to," says Dan Breece, Medical Director of Marietta Memorial Emergency Department.

Dr. Breece says the hospital sees an overdose at least every other day - everything from narcotics to street drugs, such as heroin.

He says addicts may have symptoms such as slow reaction time, sleepiness, over all less productive and potentially unsafe depending on their line of work.

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