Ending Their Careers on a High Note

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Honoring nearly 40 years of music excellence at Warren High School.
Before Saturday night's football game, the Warren High School Band and Alumni Band honored Fred and Nancy Ruth for their decades of leadership and sacrifice.

Nancy started teaching at Warren High School in 1975 and went on to start the color guard for the band in 1977.

Fred became Band Director at Warren in 1975 leading the Big Blue Marching Music Machine through many state and grand national competitions.

Saturday was a moving evening for them as Fred directed the band in the National Anthem and Warren High School Alma Mater.

"Please support the arts and the sports and everything because this is what makes kids whole. You can do the classroom, which she did and is important, but these extra curricular activities are so important to making everybody much more of a person and working together and working as a team to learn to do something together," says Fred.

"We had such a wonderful experience at Warren. It was just unbelievable and we just felt so loved and the band became our children. And so we're so glad we had that opportunity," says Ruth.

Fred recently served as Warren's Athletic Director and they both hope to stay involved with the band and music programs.