When Being "Watered Down" Isn't A Bad Thing

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Updated: 7/18/2013 6:55 P.M.

It's enough to wear out even the strongest of us: 90 degree temperatures...that feel closer to 100.

We're told to drink lots of water when it gets this hot; and that's because our bodies lose a lot of water, even if you're outdoors for short time periods.

And doctors tell us that when they say water, they mean just that...and not just any liquids.

" Any time you drink caffeinated products or alcohol, it actually dehydrates you. Gatorade is really nothing more than fancy Kool-Aid. So it's really important that you drink lots of water, up to a half-gallon a day, or eight ounces if you're out in this kind of heat."

Camden Clark says that, so far, it hasn't seen an unusual number of heat cases in its emergency room. But the hospital adds that this heat wave has only been around a couple of days so far.


Updated: 7/17/2013 6:20 P.M.

You'll probably hear us say in the next day or two that it's a good idea to stay indoors in air conditioning during this heat wave.

But what about those who have to be outside?

People, for instance, like those working on road construction projects.

One of those is the bridge and widening project on route two and I-77.

The construction foreman told us that, while they're working ten hour days...they try to slow down a bit in 90-degree heat.

"This is the weather we get in the summertime," says Dan Wright of Shelly and Sands, the project contractor, "and we just try to work through it. We just try to use our common sense, and keep people cool and safe, and keep moving on."

Slowing down means they take frequent breaks, get plenty of water, and even spend a few minutes in the contractor's air-conditioned trucks.


It's hot...and getting hotter...and that means everyone into the pool.

The public swimming pools all over the area...including Southwood Park pool...were busy Tuesday.

Grownups were content just to sit close by and relax, but the kids couldn't wait to get into the water.

And with the temperature expected to rise some more Wednesday, it may be that the only way, aside from being inside in air conditioning, to stay cool is by being in the water.

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