Ex-Jail Administrator, Ketelsen Sues Sheriff

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Not guilty but not over. Former Washington County Jail Administrator, Dean Ketelsen sues the Washington County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Larry Mincks.

Ketelsen and his wife, Bonnie, are suing both the Department and Sheriff Mincks for at least $250,000.

This all comes after a trial, in which Ketelsen was found not guilty of stealing prescription medication at the Washington County Jail.

In the law suit it it is stated:
Investigators from the Sheriff's Office were "unable to establish if in fact any medication had been stolen."
Ketelsen's polygraphs came back indicating no deception, while other employees being investigated came back inconclusive.

It is noted in the suit that despite this information the investigation still continued, only concentrating on Ketelsen.

The law suit states a list of events claiming Sheriff Mincks made statements to the media suggesting Ketelsen was guilty.

He files the suit saying both the Department and Mincks made "malicious publication of false statements accusing and implying criminal conduct" causing "defamation" of Ketelsen's character.

The law suit continues on to say because of both the Department and Sheriff Mincks' "intentional or reckless conductt," Ketelsen and his wife, Bonnie, "suffered severe emotional distress and anguish of mind."

WTAP was unable to get in contact with Ketelsen.

Sheriff Larry Mincks is referring all comments to Columbus Attorney, Cheri Hass.

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