Exit Strategy For Windows XP

Microsoft is ending support of its popular Windows XP Tuesday.
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Microsoft said last week it is ending support as of April 8 for its 12-year old Windows XP software.

While a lot of people still use it, for some systems, it's in most classroom and school office computers.

Wood County schools have updated their computers for the past year, but about 800 still have Windows XP.

The district hopes to completely change over to the newer windows eight a year from now.

"Windows updates are a constant battle, and in the middle of getting rid of one operating system, Windows XP, we're also trying to introduce the latest, Windows 8," says school technology director Bob Matthews. "We don't have a lot of Windows 8 installed in our schools, but we're working on that."

Under an agreement with Microsoft, West Virginia schools can get free computer upgrades for five years...if the hardware can handle the upgrade.

Matthews adds the Bureau of Public Debt helped in the past dontaing its phased-out computers.

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