Expanding A Narrow Washington County Road

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Washington County officials are trying to fix the problem of a narrow road they consider dangerous.

Terry Tamburini with the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority updated the commissioners on recent projects, Thursday.

One of those projects is expanding Millcreek Road.

Tamburini says the road is frequently traveled by large trucks carrying materials to Thermo Fisher.

He says school buses also use the road and the narrowness causes concern.

"In terms of safety, it's needed, regardless. If it was just the school buses it would be needed. When you add the volume of traffic from the employees, that's a lot of employees. When you add moving the materials to make the product, it's just too much pressure on the road and it's gotta be accommodated."

He adds, they have the money to move forward with the project. Now, they just need to work out some details before they begin, such as acquiring land to expand the road.

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