Experiencing Spring Wildlife

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Exploring the outdoors and learning at the same time.

Kids ages three to thirteen participated in the hike Saturday afternoon in Williamstown.

The theme of the hike was discovering how nature changes in the spring.

It's all about exploring one of our areas beautiful parks, The Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

Along the route, kids collected items to make for a collage.

"We really wanted to get the kids interested in Spring since we have a new season. So we had them come out and we talked a little bit about the changes and let them tell us what changes they noticed with the new season. Then they went on one of tour trails, the Lower Bend Trail, got to hike, pick up different leaves and really notice the changed of spring. They got to bring some of those items back and make a collage. They can take that home with them and have something to remember the refuge by," says Crystal Ambrose, a Recreational Aide for The Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

This is just one of many free Saturday programs offered at the Refuge. For more on the programs and the parks, click on the hot button.

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