Faces Of Fairness

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The Fairness West Virginia Institute (FWVI) made a special stop in Parkersburg Thursday evening.

The organization held the "Faces of Fairness" film tour throughout the state.

People got to see a short film and photography exhibits of 14 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) West Virginians.

The FWVI also educated the community on issues facing the community including second-parent adoption rights, medical benefits and employment and housing discrimination.

"We know it's important for the public to know about the lives of LGBT West Virginians because when they know someone personally or they have a connection to an LGBT person, it changes how they think, how they think laws should be made, how they think LGBT people should be treated," says Fairness West Virginia Institute Executive Director, Casey Willits.

The FWVI will also make stops in other cities around the state.

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