Fairy Tale Ball

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The Arts Center floors transform into pages of a storybook.

With each turn a familiar face and a dream world come to life.

A night of fantasy for the kids.

"We measure the success by the smiles on the kids faces, having fun. We've told all our volunteers our number one priority is customer service you know making the kids feel special and another we measure it is by making a little money for both organizations as well," says Actor's Guild Event Planner Robin White.

The Actor's Guild and Arts Center partner for the event.

The fundraiser helps get a new generation interested in the arts and acting.

"Well I think they come here and they have a good time and they perceive that when they're around the theater people and the arts center people they're having a really good time, and they're thinking well this is pretty cool. I'd like to do this," says Parkersburg Arts Center Director Abby Hayhurst.

There's already a strong young actors presence in the area. And some of these teens prove just how important an influence acting can have.

"It's just fun to go up there and be someone you're not. So that you can just go completely over the top. And no one's going to think you're weird. So it's just fun to be able to get up there and do whatever the director tells you to do.," says Michael Ream.

And with a flick of the wrist....they help younger kids take the spotlight.

"It's very important to bring it to different kids because it's a really good way to provide entertainment to people," says Andrew Miser.
"You know the more people the have the more you can entertain because everyone's style is different. So the more styles you have the better it is," says Ream.

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