Family Speaks Out On A Tree Falling On Their Trailer

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A tree crashed down on their home trapping one man inside.

He's recovering from injuries and his family is trying to get over the shock of the scary situation.

During Wednesday's downpour, a tree nearby broke loose and hit the trailer on Island View Road.

A man was trapped inside and had to be rescued.

The trailer is a total loss.

Vicky McElfresh says she and her family are shocked to see something like this happening to them.

"My son's dad was inside hollering for help so we call 9-1-1 and I stood there by the door and tried to keep him talking to me til the fire department and squad got there," says McElfresh.

The man who was injured is recovering at Camden Clark Medical Center.

His injuries are non-life threatening.

The family is getting help from the American Red Cross.

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