Farm Animal Shower

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Sweetapple Farms took time out to honor animal moms Sunday afternoon.

It's all part of the Farm Animal Baby Shower.

Kids and parents got to see baby goats, calves, and other animals on the farm.

Pampered pets petting farm was there with horses and even a cow for everyone to feed and pet.

People also got to make their own scarecrow and play farm games.

"People don't usually see animals, small animals especially. And people that live in town don't get to see small animals. This way, they get to see what they look like when they're babies and they actually get to touch them and see how cute they are and how they move around and everything," says Sweetapple Farm Owner, Mona Barrett.

Sweetapple Farms also took any baby items for the Western Washington County Food Pantry.

If you were unable to make it to the animal baby shower and would like to donate, contact Sweetapple Farms at 740-678-7447 or email at

Also visit their Facebook page.

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