Fatal Drug Overdoses In The Mountain State

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Some alarming new statistics relating to drugs in the Mountain State.

A report released Monday says West Virginia leads the nation in the rate of fatal drug overdoses.

The study from "The Trust for America's Health" says nearly 29 of every 100,000 people died of fatal overdoses in 2010.

Alarmingly, that's a rate six-times higher than a decade ago - a growth outpacing the rest of the country.

The majority of overdoses involved prescription drugs.

But the Wood County Sheriff's Office says another drug is causing more and more fatal overdoses locally.

"We've had a real increase in heroin overdoses. Both are just significant problems that have exploded," says Chief Shawn Graham. "It's a really sad problem that we have. And having our state have the worst problem, that's very disturbing."

Chief Graham adds that the sheriff's office is doing their part to fight the problem locally, working on countless drug cases each day.

But he also says a big part of the problem is criminals not receiving appropriate punishment for each offense.

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