Fathers and Classic Cars

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Fathers in Marietta took a trip down memory lane by looking at some classic cars Sunday afternoon.

The Marietta Noon Lions Club put on the 21st annual Father's Day Car Show at East Muskingum Park.

They're raising money to provide eye exams and glasses for needy kids and elderly.

People got to see the inside and outside of these classic vehicles from various cities throughout the state.

Since 2005, the car show was dedicated in memory of Bill Drayer who founded this event.

"The most common phrase you hear is 'hey when I was young, I had one like that.' There's 39 cars here, there's a lot of 60s cars, there's a lot of 80s cars, now you see some of the newer cars that are here also," says Marietta Noon Lions Club President, Clinton Holley.

Members of the Marietta Noon Lions Club say they hope to raise $30,000 from this year's car show.

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