Feed To Achieve Act Tackles Student Hunger

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Breakfast is an important meal for everyone, especially students, but many kids go to school hungry in the morning, including many in Wood County.

There are multiple aspects of The Feed to Achieve Act, including mandatory breakfast for students before school.

"Unfortunately not all kids eat breakfast, so we're going to try to encourage kids who are already eligible for free and reduced lunches to eat breakfast at school so they can be successful during the school day and be attentive in the classroom," says Director of Food Services for Wood County Schools, Beverly Blough.

Another part is the opportunity for community organizations to donate funds to help support programs like the Backpack Program. It helps kids who may not have enough to eat on the weekends.

"The backpack program is packing food in a backpack or a bag to give to a child on a Friday afternoon to tie them over the weekend. Many children don't have enough to eat on the weekend, particularly at the end of the month so this just gives them a little bit additional food to have."

Blough says they do what they can with the budget given for food, however more can be done. This act will help ensure more children are fed even after they leave school.

"We have seen the poverty level in our area unfortunately rise and for the last three to four years it's steadily increasing. That is a concern to us because of the number of children we know come to school with nothing in their stomachs."

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