Flying Circle Toy Run

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UPDATE: 12-1-13 9:56 PM

In the holiday spirit more gracious acts from our community Sunday..

Bikers can look tough sometimes, but during the season of giving, they've got a real soft-spot for children here in the valley.

Local bikers gathered outside Grand Central Mall for the 35th annual "Flying Circle Toy-Run" sponsored by the Sly Fox bar of downtown Parkersburg.

The toy run raises money for foster children throughout Wood County.

Bikers made generous donations in-efforts to help the kids have a merry Christmas.

The gang then went riding from the mall to the Health and Human Resources building downtown.

"If we can make just one kid's Christmas a little bit better, it's worth it, no matter what we have to do and like I said, bless all these people cause they're good hearted," says Tad Darling.

If you would like to make a donation to the foster kids like the bikers are doing, please take any toys or cash to the Sly Fox located at 1219 Market Street in Parkersburg or call (304) 834-3959.
A downtown Parkersburg bar was on a mission Sunday afternoon as they were feeding the hungry.

The Sly Fox Fine Food and Spirits put on its 26th annual Hunger Run at Grand Central Mall.

Area bikers collected non-perishible foods for needy families so they too can have a good Thanksgiving they truly deserve.

The hunger run began at the mall, through downtown and back to the bar.

"This little boy, he was probably about 4 or 5 years old, he walked in and he said 'Wow, is all that food for me?' and it's just that. That's what I get out of it, I just get the enjoyment of a 5-year-old kid excited over food," says Sly Fox Fine Food and Spirits Owner, Bobbi Starkey.

The Hunger Run was started by the Sly Fox Owner's husband.

Workers at the fine food and spirits say they enjoy being a helping hand to families in a time of need.