Fewer Trials In Ohio

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Saving our tax money and still putting the criminals away.

The number of trials in Ohio hits a historic low.

Washington County Prosecutor Kevin Rings says new laws a couple of years ago help keep the system moving faster.

They also help keep prison numbers lower making it more difficult for a common pleas judge to send an offender to prison, especially for a fourth or fifth degree felony.

Depending on their prison eligibility many other factors and punishments come into play.

"It's almost always a saction, they call it community control. And it's some time in the county jail generally, 15 to 30 days up to as much as 6 months in the county jail. And sometime they are sent, males are sent to the septa center," he says.

Rings says every situation is different but people tend to plead guilty after told what their sentencing may be.

This as a result keeps the trials lower, keeping costs lower as well.

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