Field Corn Profits Down

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Knee high by the Fourth of July.

Well now, the corn stalks climb high in the field as we head toward the fall harvest here at home.

But a record field corn crop may be bad news for some farmers across the nation.

A record crop means a low demand and less money per bushel.

But for growers at Becker Angus Farms, it also means they can feed all of their cattle without buying corn from another source.

Owner Fred Becker saw hard times for farmers over the past couple years, like the national drought of 2012.

But this year, he's happy with business.

"As far as the grain prices, they're not looking as good as the past few years. But as far as the cattle industry, feeding this corn to the livestock, we'll probably make a pretty good profit this year," he says.

Becker is referring to a lower than average price on a bushel of field corn.

It's sitting around $3.70 right now.

He says his farm put out 20 acres of field corn this year.

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