Fighting Fires In The Cold

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We all know that this time of year fires can become much more frequent, but they can also be even more dangerous for those fighting the fires.

During times of extreme cold like we've seen recently, firefighters have to take extra caution when battling a fire.

A lot more manpower is needed on the scene since firefighters can't be out in this type of cold a long time, as frost bite can happen quickly.

And the large amounts of water used cause hoses and nozzles to freeze.

"It freezes and if your hose line is laying on the ground they'll freeze to it," says Vienna Fire Chief Steve Scholl. "Your footing is gone at that point. It just makes everything a lot more dangerous."

Chief Scholl again urges people to be cautious when using space heaters and call a plumber for any frozen pipelines - don't try to unfreeze them yourself.

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