Fighting the Flu Without Leaving the Car

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Drivers and passengers were able to get a flu shot without leaving their car. It's the Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic.

It's put on by the Washington County Health Department who says they always have a great turn out. "So people don't have to get out of their car, sometimes it's hard for them to walk down the halls and it just makes it easy and convenient," explains Washington County Health Department's Kathleen Meckstroth. "They stop at the first tent and register and then come up to the second tent and get their shots, then are on their way, it's quick and easy."

Health experts recommend flu shots for all ages but especially the very young and old who might have a harder time fighting off the sickness.

"If people have young children at home under the age of six months, we do give shots from six months on up," says Meckstroth, "but if they're younger than six months it'll protect the younger children from getting sick too and it actually establishes a ring of protection around the infants."

Vaccines are available in the offices on Wednesdays from 1 pm until 6 pm and Fridays 9 am until 4 pm as long as supplies last.

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