Filing Taxes Early?

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Even though it's just the first month of 2013, it's never too early to file your taxes.

The Liberty Tax Service in Belpre are helping people file early.

They ask everyone to bring in W-2's, any expenses and income, and mileage driven.

Anyone who files their taxes by January 21st will receive their tax returns in February.

Now there's a lot of questions since the recent deal to avert the so called fiscal cliff.

Will that affect how much money you get back on your return?

Well these experts say it really won't change anything.

"Well typically, it just depends on your income. If their income stayed about the same as it was last year, you're going to get about the same refund," says Alison Holland of Liberty Tax Service.

Liberty Tax Service in Belpre can also help people from any state file their taxes.

The IRS will accept tax returns starting January 22nd.

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