Filing Deadline Approaching In Washington County

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It may seem like the November elections are a ways away- but for those looking to run for public office, the filing deadline is right around the corner.

Washington County Board of Elections Director Peggy Byers says over 60 seats are open throughout Washington County.

The deadline for candidates and issues to appear on the ballot is August 10th, and if you're looking to file, Byers says a new resource is available to let you know exactly what needs to be done for an eligable filing- the 2011 Ohio Candidate Requirement Guide.

"The book tells you everything. We were looking at the book for a Township Trustees and that listing says a potential candidate has a $30 filing fee and they need 25 signatures, and the book does that for every position," Byers says. "You can find the 2011 Ohio Candidate Requirement Guide here in the office or go online to the Secretary of State website."

Byers adds that certain mistakes in a filing form could result in disqualification and encourages everyone to read over the filing guide closely.

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