Film Featuring Erik Estrada, Jessica Lynch Premieres at Parkersburg Church

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A Parkersburg church offers a fun way to bring families together - even on a work night.

A new film featuring Actor Eric Estrada and veteran Jessica Lynch premiered Thursday night at North Parkersburg Baptist Church.

Estrada was actually one of the first actors to get involved with faith-based films in the '70s.

But the pastor at the church says Thursday was was not just about preaching a message.

The goal of this film is to let kids know they have a right to their own faith.

"What an amazing thing to be reminded of - what my grandfathers, what our fathers, brothers, aunts and uncles - they fought for our freedoms. It's making sure we all know what our freedoms are," says Pastor Ryan Brooks.

"Uncommon" played all throughout the country at different churches Thursday night.

Estrada was unable to make the night's preview but he did make a phone call to thank the hundreds who came out to support the film.

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