Finding A Cure For Childhood Cancer

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Runners and walkers in Devola made their way to Masonic Park Saturday morning to help find a cure for a serious disease.

The third annual BrAva 5K Run and Walk helps fund research and care for children diagnosed with cancer.

The event honors Bridget Crock and Ava Nichols, both suffering from cancer. Nichols later died from the disease.

So far, there's no cure but the run and walk fosters hope.

All proceeds will help research a treatment for the cancer and support local families who have a loved one with Childhood Cancer.

"People still remember, that people still care, that people are out here braving this horrendous weather because they care and one of the things that I was very scared of is that once Ava passed, that people would forget," says BrAva 5K Run and Walk Committee Member, Densi Crock.

Members of the BrAva 5K Run and Walk say they'll keep holding the event until there is a cure in place for Childhood Cancer.

They hope to raise about $10,000 at this year's event.

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