Finding A Cure For Galactosemia

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In Marietta, residents put-on their running shoes on to support one child suffering from a rare metabolic liver disorder.

Six-year-old Presley Cunningham was the star of the inaugural Presley's Promise 3K Run and Walk for Galactosemia.

Presley's family is raising money for the Galactosemia Foundation to help find a cure for the liver disease.

They hope their efforts can have a positive impact on future victims.

"The research may never affect Presley but it may affect babies that are born going forward and that's very important," says Presley's mom, Cathy Cunningham.

Participants also had a chance to win great-door prizes.

Presley's mom, Cathy, says she plans on putting on the 3K Run and Walk for years to come.

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