Fire Department Responds to Rail Car Event

Around 8 a.m. Thursday morning, the Parkersburg Fire Department was alerted by railroad officials of a minor release from a rail car. The car was located on tracks near the 100 block of 19th Street.

The fire department responded as a precaution and isolated the immediate area until it determined what substance was involved and the extent of the event. The substance was determined to be butyl acrylate, which is believed to commonly be used in the manufacturing of latex caulking and paint.

"The release was very small and there was not a risk to the public," said Fire Chief Eric Taylor. "Butyl acrylate is a flammable liquid and we were only there as a precaution; no evacuations were necessary."

The event was first reported by the railroad crew as they were moving cars.

"It is my understanding that the release originated from a fitting or a vent on the top of the car," adds Taylor. "As of 10:30, maintenance crews had responded and completed the repair."

- Press Release: Parkersburg Fire Chief, Eric Taylor

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