Fire Safety Event Educates Next Generation

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It's what so many kids want to be when they grow up, a firefighter. And an important part of that job is educating the public.

"Fire prevention is a huge, huge tool to have and for any department to participate in fire prevention if they're not, they're missing out because they're educating future generations on how to be safer when it comes to fires,"says Vienna Fire Department Sergeant Joe Bumgarner.

Parents and kids numbered in the hundreds at the fire safety event.
For the kids it's all about the big, shiny, red trucks. But for parents, it's all about safety.

"We want to teach them at an early age about fire and if there is a fire to try to get around it and get away from it. We feel that teaching them at an early age is the best way to do it," says mother Nancy Horner.

Firefighters use a simulator to show kids what they should do in case of a fire. One of their concerns is making sure kids know what to expect when firefighters show up in full gear.

"The firemen came in and asked us if we had any questions and then he just showed us what he would sound like and we came out," says Jacob.

They learned how to get out safely. And if you tested them, they would get all A's.

"If you ever have smoke in your house get down," says Jackson.
"You crawl out when there's smoke because you don't want to breath smoke," says Amelia.
"If there is a fire this is what you do and you crawl. And you crawl backwards when you come out," says Olivia.

And the event continued inside Grand Central Mall. Sears, Camden Clark Medical Center, and McCrady Jones Insurance teamed up to donate free smoke detectors to anyone who wanted one. They say smoke detectors are one of the most important preventive steps.

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