UPDATE: Motorcycle Ignites Coolville Home, Nobody Injured

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A motorcycle repair goes wrong and an Athens county couple is homeless.

"I guess they were working on a motorcycle on the porch and trying to get it started and apparently it must have backfired," says Chief John Coen, Coolville Volunteer Fire Department. "And, of course, a motorcycle on the front porch... it didn't take long to get the house going too."

Additional crews were called in to fight the fire but because the structure was so involved when first responders arrived on scene there wasn't much they could do to save the home.

"We just went right in with some hoses and got a good knock down on it," the Chief adds. "But the whole house is pretty well gutted. That's the upstairs as well as the downstairs."

The couple living in the home rented form Franklin and Pamela Washburn. Pamela says when she learned of the fire, all she could think about was the safety of her tenants.

"Hoping the kids that live there were safe. That was my first priority," Washburn says. "They're good kids. They just move in a little over a month ago. Young couple, they have it tough, they're young."

Although the future of the property is unsure, Washburn says her heart goes out to the young couple.

"I feel sorry for the kids, ya know? They were young, just starting out and I really feel bad for them," Washburn says. "This was an accident and accidents happen."
Firefighters responded to a house fire along Main Street in Coolville
Little details are available at this hour, except that no one is injured.

WTAP has a crew on the scene. More details on the web and on WTAP News at 5 and 6.

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