Firefighters Board Created

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The Wood County Firefighters Association has a new board of directors.

The county commission Monday authorized the new seven-member board to represent the county's ten volunteer departments.

The commission will now begin the selection of three members from the community. Another member will be a county commissioner, while the other two will come from the volunteer fire departments.

"This fire board would be created by the county commission simply to enact some assistance and administrative operations of the county fire departments," says K.C. Lindner, Chief of the Washington Bottom Volunteer Fire Department, and a member of the Wood County Volunteer Firefighters Association.

Another of the board's duties is enacting fire fees and levies.

It takes the petition signatures of ten percent of eligible voters to support a fire fee, and 30 per cent of qualified voters to place it on the ballot.

Fire levies can be placed on the ballot by the county commission.

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