Fireman's Festival

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The Newport Volunteer Fire Department put on an event Saturday morning made for the entire family.

It's all part of their Fireman's Festival.

Starting with a parade where kids got to see fire trucks and police cars in action.

The fire department is raising money to help out with their monthly expenses.

There were also rides, food and games for the kids.

"A lot of folks don't necessarily want to fight a fire or work at a car wreck but they can help in their own small way by coming here and helping with the fundraising. And I think as you can see, all the folks that's in the parade and the groups, the ball teams, and the dance clubs, we have a lot of community involvement here," says Newport Volunteer Fire Chief, Steve Foutty.

Belmont, Pennsboro and St. Marys were among the volunteer fire departments participating in the parade.