Fireworks, The Fourth, And Fair Season.... OH MY!

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The temps are high and that means it must be the 4th of July weekend in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Over in Washington County, weekend events launched what many call 'the unofficial start of fair season' and help celebrate the 4th.

"Between the advertising, and the events to get people into the fair grounds, it's all part of the preparations that we do for the fair." says Steve Tornes, President of the Washington Co. Fair. "It's a partial fundraiser to raise funds to put the fair on."

No 4th of July weekend celebration would be complete without a massive display of pyrotechnical ability. But, a licensed shooter with Hamburg Fireworks Inc. says a lot more goes into the colorful display than you may think.

"You have to do three years of an apprenticeship with a licensed shooter. You have to go through a federal background check," Bill Parker, shooter, says. "And once you do your background check and you get signed off on, you get placed out to do your first show. "

Licensing is major but so is the insurance needed to put on the fireworks show.

"Each show is bonded anywhere for 2 million to 5 million dollars, just in case of accidents," Parker adds.

Even with the high insurance, sizable safety precautions, and yearly re-certification, Parker says the firework shows are always worth the measures taken when he hears one thing...

"When you set the finale off, and you see that last shell go out of the finale, and you hear the people," Parkers says. "When you hear the people you know you've done a good job."

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