First Case of Chikungunya in West Virginia

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The first suspected case of a rare virus in West Virginia.

We're not talking about West Nile.

It's Chikungunya.

People can get it from a mosquito bite.

It causes joint swelling and fever, but it's usually not fatal and there are ways to protect yourself.

"You want to be preventing yourself from getting bit by mosquitoes in general around here. So if you're outside, wear long, loose fitting clothes that are light colored," says Jessica Woods, Epidemiologist with the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department. "Or you can make sure you've got your bug spray on. And always use those according to manufacturer's instructions."

Results from the CDC are still pending on the West Virginia case.

But there was one confirmed case in Kentucky last month and 80 cases total in the U.S.

The health department says the best advice don't leave standing water in your home.

And for pet owners, change your dog or cat's water bowl at least twice a week.

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