First Responders Helping First Responders

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First responders are helping first responders after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

The Devola Volunteer Fire Department is holding a first responders fundraiser dinner at the fire house this Saturday, from 5 p.m. to 8 pm.

It may seem far away from the Valley but the money donated will go completely to all the first responders in New York City to help them however it can with recovery efforts after Sandy.

"The fundraiser is open to the public, it's the cost of donation and all the food and the equipment is donated by the members of the department," says Susie Rhodes, assistant chief of squad. "The department has not actually used any funds of the department for the dinner because as first responders we want to help."

Rhodes says as first responders it's hard to ask for help, because they are the people usually giving the help.

Members of the Devola Fire Department wanted to have a fundraiser to support and recognize those first responders because they know just how they feel.

"When we learned of Superstorm Sandy and as much damage as it did, we know that the first responders were out there serving the community, helping the community," Rhodes says. "Even though we know that at home their homes were being destroyed by fire and water and other disasters."

First responders see things that most people don't on a regular basis and they go into situations that aren't ideal.

They work long hours under a lot of stress... so it's a great opportunity to recognize their efforts on behalf of the people of the Valley.

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