First Responders Participate in Hazmat Training

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Local firefighters gearing up for new training.

Hazmat classes are in progress at Warren Township Fire Department.

The local emergency planning committee obtained a grant to hold Hazmat classes.

The classes are for area first responders, volunteer firefighters and law enforcement.

Hazmat, also known as hazordous materials, is a training program to reduce dangerous goods from being destructive.

"A lot of Hazmat vehicles traveling through and you never know when one's going to have an accident. It could be in anyone's territory, it could be any type of increase traffic. With all the oil well and gas production that's been going we're just trying to prepare, trying to be ready incase the worse does happen," says Warren Fire Chief Mark Wile.

Warren Township Fire Department is trying to get as many people trained as possible.

Classes will be held again on Monday.

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