First Responders Train at Williamstown Readiness Center

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Law enforcement and first responders got together Friday afternoon for training in responding to incidents involving explosives and other hazardous chemicals.

Police, fire, EMS, and military members from across the Valley and as far away as Kentucky showed up at the Williamstown Readiness Center for a lecture class.

There they received training on how to identify homemade explosives and other hazardous materials when reponding to fires and other incidents.

Organizers say it's important for all first responders to have similar training in this area because you never know what you will face when arriving to a call.

And it's not only major cities that this benefits.

"It's not only in large communities, it's the small communities. They're having explosions. They're having fires. They have people building things inside their houses they shouldn't be building," says Joseph Dempsey, a New Mexico tech.

"It gets all of us to get together and get into a common terminology in working together to improve things in the future for our areas," says Rick Armstrong, with public service training.

Organizers say they've been planning the class for months and they hope this will inspire other agencies to hold similar training classes.

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