Chamber Of Commerce Hosts First Inaugural Great Bowl Of Fire Chili Cook Off

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Some like it hot, some like it sweet, some like it smokey.. and there was a chili for everyone at the first inaugural Parkersburg Great Bowls of Fire Chili Cook Off.

"This was actually a committee in the Chamber of Commerce, the special events committee," says Jill Parsons, President of the Chamber Of Commerce. "So, we've been planning for the last year to have a nice community event. It wasn't just something for the Chamber of Commerce. We really wanted to have an event to have to showcase to the community. We have people who have made chili, both members of the Chamber and in the community."

With 17 different chili's, two live bands, and a cornhole tourney, there was something for everyone. For some chili vendors the day was also about introducing themselves too and mingling with the Mid-Ohio Valley.

"For me, it's just nice to see some of the Chamber members and the community," says Chris McBee, the administrator at The Wellness Center. "To just be able to talk and mingle with some other people in the community. It's a nice atmosphere, we enjoyed ourselves."

For others, the day was all about highlighting a new park and active city social scene.

"It was a great opportunity to come out and benefit the city of Parkersburg. I was really looking forward to coming out and seeing the new waterfront," says Russel Rice. chili vendor. "I've lived in Parkersburg for 30 some years and its fantastic to see what they've done down here. Its beautiful. People complain that there is nothing to do. If people complain there is nothing to do in Parkersburg they just didn't get out and do it."