FitzGerald Running For Governor

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One of the candidates running for governor paid a visit to Marietta Friday evening.

Cuyahoga County Executive, Ed FitzGerald, was at the American Legion to speak to the Democratic Party about his plans on becoming the next governor in Ohio.

FitzGerald declared his candidacy for state governor as democrat on Wednesday.

He wants to continue contributing funds towards education.

FitzGerald also mentioned that he agrees with the legislature regarding the proposed expansion of medicaid under president Obama's healthcare law.

"I just disagree with what I seen happen to the state for the last couple of years. You got a governor that I don't think is doing much for middle class people in Ohio. He's doing it a lot for people who done very well but I disagree with his tax plan, I disagree with the he cut local schools," says FitzGerald.

In addition to being a County Executive, FitzGerald also spent his time with the FBI and helping prosecute several Cleveland area public officials.

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