Five Arrested In Mason County With Drugs, Baby, and Bomb In Home

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Explosives set as a booby trap in a Mason County home. Police say inside were multiple kinds of drugs and a baby.

It happened in Ashton, West Virginia in Mason County.

Deputies responded to the mobile on on Keister Road on Saturday.

Inside they found amounts of meth and heroin. They also found a 21 month old baby which deputies say was inside the house when the meth was smoked.

That's not all. Deputies say an explosive device was set as a booby trap near the garage. Explosive techs were able to disarm the trap before anyone was hurt.

In total, five people were arrested.

Michael Mayes, Joshua W. Smith, and John Cornell are all charged with possession of a schedule II narcotic, and child abuse causing injury.

The mobile homeowners were also arrested.

Krista Aeiker is charged with child abuse causing injury.

Matthew Gibson is also charged with child abuse causing injury, plus wanton endangerment, possession of a schedule two narcotic, and possession of an explosive device.

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