Fix It Or Nix It?

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There's no argument the Civil Air Patrol structure on the grounds of the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport has problems. Enough that, save for an adjacent hangar, the civil air patrol doesn't use it much any more.

Wood County's engineer told the county commission Monday the problem is in a roof built on the building in 1971.

"This building has more leaky roofs than I've seen in a long time," says Bill Brown. "I don't know why, except that it's not doing anything to the roof in a long time. There's some broken-out windows that make it less secure. One window on the surface roof adjacent to the hangar won't lock, so someone could open up the window and gain access to the building."

Brown says the leaky roof has contributed to a mold problem in the building. but is that enough to condemn it? An engineering firm eventually will be sought to answer that question. But the commission believes that if it can be saved...

"If we can find the places, and that's one, where we can store...we have a building that can be multiple-use," says Commission President Wayne Dunn. "We can use (it for) the health department, the airport, emergency services, general storage. There may be several organizations that may be able to use it."

Dunn says it was expected the building would officially be condemned at the end of this week. It's believed that decision will be held off a while longer while it's inspected.

Commissioner Dunn says the cost of making the repairs will be one factor in deciding whether the structure can be remodeled-or should be demolished.

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