Fixing West Virginia's Roads

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West Virginia roads desperately need improvements.

The question is how to pay for them.

That was the discussion Thursday as a transportation interest group released a report on state roadways.

The need for repair is at an emergency level but would carry a $1 billion price tag, which the state doesn't have.

According to Washington-based TRIP's report, 12 percent of West Virginia's major roads are in poor condition and 35 percent of its bridges have significant deterioration.

Roger Thomas from Kelly Paving says without the funding, the roads will continue to deteriorate.

"State of West Virginia Department of Highways, they have to maintain over 90 percent of the roads in the state, which is very different from other states," he says. "With the funding the way it is and the funding in the future's gonna be, minimal increases will stay the same... they cannot maintain the roads."

Thomas says the funding has decreased since the early 2000s and the last six or seven years we've had more than $500 million worth of construction.

Funding would improve the roads and safety, economic development and create jobs.

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