Flexibility, Not "Calamity"

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Ohio avoided a bad winter last year, but legislators still want to provide more flexibility for schools that have to close because of the weather.

A bill passed wednesday by the Ohio House would require students to spend a minimum number of hours in school each year instead of a minimum number of days.

Belpre's school superintendent says his system already meets the requirements outlined in the bill, but welcomes more flexibility in making up days when schools are closed.

"It makes a difference whether you're a rural district or an in-town district," says Superintendent Tony Dunn, "and how your cities or counties or townships handle the clearing of the roads. Every district is different."

The legislation also provides for a number of other options to make up for weather-related school closings.

State Representative Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) says House Bill 191 passed and was sent on to the Senate with bipartisan support.

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