Predicted Ohio River Crest in Marietta Changes Saturday; Some Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

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With a crest level predicted to be lower than anticipated in Marietta later this weekend, many Mariettans were breathing a sigh of relief Saturday.
"[I'm] relieved. Absolutely relieved," said Sylvi Caporale, owner of American Flag and Pole Company on Front Street.

Caporale didn't take any chances and spent all day Friday packing up shop.

"I was cautious [enough] to move because our experiences in the past ... were that the water came up very quickly and then we had to, you know, take action in water," said Caporale.

Still, her store basement is filled with murky liquid, the water falling just short of the first level.

Many Front and Second Street stores sharing the same flooded alley were in the same position Saturday- the water confined to their basements.

"We have been very blessed," said Caporale.

Across town, off State Route 60, waves cascaded on the Marietta Bible Center parking lot.

You could say it, too, was "blessed"- spared from flood damage by just inches.

"I feel great," said church Pastor Myron Guiler. "We moved a lot of stuff into trailers and things, but we're quite willing to put it back if we don't have to take care of the mud that the flood brings."

Sanitation requirements force Guiler to spend thousands to replace the carpeting in the chapel and Bible College dormitories when flood waters strike.

The water did, however, have a slight impact on the bible college: It kept crews from repairing a burned-out transmitter behind one of the dorms.

"We worked last night, not only moving things, but we worked in the dark," he said.

Still, Guiler said erring on the side of caution, no matter how difficult, was worth it.

For him, and many others, there's still work to be done, but all those susceptible to flooding can agree, unpacking beats picking up the pieces.

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