Flu Claims One in Wood County

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The flu is typically not a killer but it has claimed one victim in Wood County. Protect yourself.

Jessica Woods, interim regional epidemiologist with the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department says your best defense is the flu shot.

It's most effective for older children and young adults, but is still approved for anyone over the age of six months,

There are three types... regular, the high-dose vaccine (better for those 65 and older) and the nasal spray recommended for age two through 49.

"So far this season, we've only heard about one flu death in our area," Woods says. "We cover a six county region, which includes Wood County, obviously and we've had one flu-related death in an elderly individual. The ones that we are notified of at the health department are whenever they occur in a nursing home or when it's a child under the age of 18."

Woods says any other deaths due to flu are not reportable to the health department.

Of all the methods we have to prevent the flu, the vaccine is the most effective and there is no shortage in our area.

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