Flu Season Begins

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Flu season is here and health experts want to make sure you're taking the proper steps to avoid getting sick.

Experts at the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department say the best way to prevent the flu is by getting flu shots. Anyone six months or older can get the shot.

Right now, only a few cases of influenza have been reported in the area.

"We've had several cases of influenza reported. Last week we also had our first laboratory case of influenza reported. It was influenza A and it was detected up in the northern part of the state in Marion County," says MOV Health Department Regional Epidemiologist, Patrick Burke.

Experts also recommend to stay home from school or work if you are sick, to prevent others from catching the flu. Burke says if you have to cough, to cough in your elbow and continuously wash your hands.

"Influenza is spread from person to person either through the direct droplets that come out of their cough and their sneeze but it's also spread through surfaces. So if I cough in my hands and I'm touching things that other people touch, then they can get the germs as well."

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