Focusing On The "Education" Aspect Of Higher Education

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Getting the community involved in higher education. The Parkersburg Rotary Club had a special guest Monday that knows all about college in the Mountain State.

Robin Capehart is the president of West Liberty University.

He talked to rotary members about the importance of preparing college students for success when they graduate.

He says too many students focus on the stigma of graduating within the typical four year time frame.

"I think it's important that we look at competency instead of time to graduate. So many people enter the higher education system at different degrees, at different levels. The idea that everybody takes the same amount of hours in the same amount of time is going to come out with the same education, I think is misguided."

Capehart says the focus should be on the quality of education.

"I think a lot of the public dialogue in terms of higher education has gotten out of focus. I think we have a tendency to talk in terms of price or degrees or credentials and of seat time, how long it takes to get a degree."

Capehart also asked rotary members to fill out a survey as part of WLU's effort to gather information on what employers look for.

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