Food Pantry Helps Young Cancer Fighter

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The Gospel Mission Food Pantry in Marietta has served over 5,000 throughout the year, and now they're serving one more family that needs it now, more than ever.

At just 13 years old the doctors tell Kyra Carpenter she has leukemia. Her entire life changed just this passed May.

"Stressful, busy. We have to make trips up to Columbus almost every week for me to be able to get Chemo and blood work done," says Kyra.

Kyra has started chemotherapy but already it hasn't been easy. She is now home schooled and has to stay protected anytime she's out in public. "I have to take a whole bunch of medications because when I was in the hospital for six and a half weeks," explains Kyra. "I didn't eat for the first six because my stomach hurt so bad and everything so I lost weight."

Kyra goes through testing and chemotherapy in Columbus weekly. With the cost of treatment, travel, and now home schooling Kyra's family has looked to the Gospel Mission Food Pantry for hope.

"Relieved," Kyra pauses, "to know that we have help if we can't get certain things."

"She's got such a wonderful outlook on life with the problems she's facing in her life," says the director of the food pantry, Candy Waite.

The Food Pantry celebrates it's one year of serving the community, running completely on volunteers and donations.

"I'm here pretty much seven days a week and I thank God for every step that we're able to take so that we can help people, like Kyra and her family and people like that," continues Waite.

Now, the food pantry tries to stock up on Kyra's favorite food, beef flavored ramon noodles.

"Everyone's really nice to me and they kind of understood better what I'm going through," Kyra says about the pantry. "I really appreciate it because without the community, I wouldn't be able to survive probably."

To donate to the pantry just drop money or all non-perishable foods off on Lancaster Street beside the Harmar Community Center.

To help Kyra there will be a benefit:
Spaghetti Dinner
November 3, 2012, 5 p.m.
At the American Legion, Wooster Street Marietta.
Adults $6, Kids $4, Children 5 and Under Free
Entertainment starts at 6 p.m. with: Open bar, door prizes, d.j., 50/50, auction

For tickets visit the Westside Carry Out
Any questions call: Faith Eddy 740-516-2304

Can send Kyra cards in the hospital by going to:

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