Food Drive at Parkersburg Farmer's Market

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The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department sponsored the drive as part of the Change the Future campaign. All canned foods collected will go toward stocking the shelves at the local food banks.

Everyone that donated was given a ticket to be placed in a raffle drawing.
Farmers market vendors donated their merchandise to fill baskets for raffle prizes.

"It's nice just to kind of give. It just makes you feel good. You know if you've got a little bit extra why not share with someone else who may not?" says Health and Wellness Coordinator for the DREAM Program of the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department Devena Moore. 'Times are tough right now. People are laid off work, the economy is not that great you know so if you can spare something why not give and feel good and making somebody else feel good too."

The raffle will take place Monday on National Food Day. All winners will receive a call to come pick up their prizes.

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