Football Fans Are Ready For The Big Game

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Whether you root for black and gold or cheer for green and gold, one thing is for sure, fans anxiously await the day their team heads to the Super Bowl.

For some, team loyalty has been instilled since birth.

"All my life. I grew up a Steelers' fan. I was in the black and gold before I knew my ABC's," says Steelers fan, Nate Goines. "There's nothing better. Is there anything else, on earth? It's gotta be Steelers or nothing."

For others, it's not just where they lived, their stock in the team is also in... well... stocks.

"My husband and I own one share in Packers stock," says Susan Austin, loyal Green Bay Packers fanatic. "Back in 1997 they wanted to renovate Lambeau Field, which is the big Packers Stadium, so they had a stock sale."

One local vendor says Steelers fans are unlike any other.

"I see it everyday at my shop. People come in, true die hard fans, all year long. We don't just come out one time of year," says T.G., of T.G. Variety. "We're out there everyday."

For others, their fan-ship is more a matter of getting behind a team that isn't available in their hometown.

"I've been a Packers fan since 1981," says Tony Butler. "I grew up in Cleveland, so, I'd rather be a Packer fan."

But some fans are in it for the love of the game... with just a smidgen of bias.

"I caught packer-itis and I think I'm going to die from it," Austin concludes.

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