For the Love of Gardening

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Community members are donating their time to help the handicapped.

At the Harvest of Hope Community Garden in Marietta today, volunteers worked on making raised bed, garden tables. These make it easier for the handicapped or elderly to garden without having to bend on the ground and into the dirt.

City Councilman Roger Kalter heads up the project and says the love and ability to garden shouldn't have to stop.

"(This) Allows people that have gardened their entire lives but are no longer physically able to do it, to at least keep their hands in the dirt a little bit. To raise some herbs for their personal use or maybe some tomato plants. We are thinking as much therapeutic as the value of the actual plants because it is something that they love to do and it can be very devastating to them once they are not able to garden at all," said Roger Kalter, 1st Ward City Councilman for Marietta.

These garden beds are made out of recycled wood from around the area. For more information on how to get a raised garden in your area, contact Roger Kalter for more information at 740-373-1784. He will let you know about the process and the availability.

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