UPDATE: Vandalism An Ongoing Problem at Roosevelt School

UPDATE 12/19/2013 4:30 PM

It was a Parkersburg elementary school for 50 years.

But lately, it's been a target for vandals.

The property's current owners believe juveniles are behind the recent and past break-ins at the school.

They said people have been caught after the past break-ins but haven't been prosecuted.

They believe this latest incident happened some time last weekend or Monday.

Parkersburg Police say there have been a handful of break-ins at the former school this year but add they're difficult to follow up on.

There are reports of vandalism at the school dating back nearly three years.

The owners believe as much as $200,000 in damage was done, including the thefts of copper and aluminum.

The building's owner, Jack Berry says that, with the latest incident, it's doubtful the building can be renovated.

An historic school building is ransacked by vandals.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to the former Roosevelt School.

Since its closing more than 25 years ago the school building has had several tenants, including a few businesses.

Its owners say people got into the structure earlier this week, causing heavy damage and making off with copper wiring.

"They've taken fire extinguishers and thrown them through the windows," says James Haney, an employee of the building's owner. "They've so far as gone up to the roof of the school, three stories up, and rolled the condensing air conditioner units off the roof to scrap them out."

It's believed juveniles were behind the break-in.

The building has been broken into before and Haney says the total damage probably tops half a million dollars.

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