Former Washington County Slave Is Honored

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His name will forever live on, Micajah 'Cajoe' Phillips, a former slave to Harman Blennderhassett will forever have his name on his gravestone, and a fence around it in dedication.

Phillips was a slave waiter during Revolutionary War. Two obituaries have been found for Phillips. One reads, "December 8, 1861 the oldest inhabitant of Washington County is dead." Another states, "DIED-In Watertown, December 8, 1861, Micajah Philips, aged one hundred and twenty-five years."

While there are very few facts about Phillips historians do know he use to own the land where his grave sits.

Phillps' three time great grandson was in attendance, saying he remembered when his grandparents would talk about the man they called Cajoe. Friends and family gathered to hear stories and honor the man who lived both as a slave and a free man.

The stone and fence were put in by veterans in the 1980s.

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